Warranty & RMA

Warranty Policy

  • For iPhone original screens with 6 month warranty, aftermarket China made screens with 1 year warranty.
  • Original new batteries with 6 month warranty, OEM 1:1 Batteries with 1 year warranty.
  • Screens for Samsung and other brands with 6 month warranty.
  • Small parts and accessories with 6 month warranty.

We will apply credit or arrange exchange parts-for-parts in warranty. (From shipping date to the date that you are going to return them).


RMA Guidance

Please make sure that you have carefully read the guidance below before returning any RMA parts!

  • Contact the account manager for return guidance. (For RMA Address, Packaging , and so on)
  • Check the stamps on parts before shipment and do not ship the parts overdue warranty or any parts from other suppliers.
  • Offer us RMA list including the product name, qty, description of failure parts.
  • We will check the issues accordingly, and confirm if you need to return them, or we will exchange them directly.
  • Kindly check the return shipping methods with your account manager before return and update the tracking number soon after shipment, so we can follow-up the parcel delivery time, handle the RMA soon after arrival.
  • There are a few points we should follow carefully in order to ensure smooth RMA process.
      1. Package is rejected, delivery address is invalid or no recipient available.If any of the above is the case, the package will be returned to the shipper.
        Please confirm the shipping address with account manager. Customers will be responsible for all return shipping fees in case of incorrect shipping address.
      2. Wrong parts received.If you have received incorrect item, please contact your account manager as soon as
        possible. We will verify the error and fix it soon.
      3. Received Damaged Parts.If you have received a damaged package and the products inside are physically damaged or non-functioning. Please contact us immediately. You will need to provide the information listed soon after delivery, so we can check it carrier within the appropriate time. Please include:
          * Pictures of the front and back of the shipment box.
          * Pictures of the front and back of the product that has physical damages.
      4. Parts are missing.Upon receiving the parcel, if it seems to be unpacked during transportation, have the package weighed, and check if all parts are included. If anything is missing, please provide us with all the details as soon as you can.
        All our parcels come with shipping labels that include the weight and size of parcels. You can check the weight of them on arrival.

Parts will be rejected in these cases:

  • Parts overdue warranty will be rejected.
  • Parts from other suppliers without QC Stamp.
  • Parts were physically damaged by improper handling while installation or improper packing.

Quality Levels:

  • ORG – Original New Condition – Limited Source.
  • REF – Original LCD with glass changed (Refurbished Condition).
  • OEM – Original LCD with assembled flex by third party manufacturers.
  • A – Aftermarket display by Chinese manufacturers.
  • Take Out – Original new, but with tiny scratches after disassemble.